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The Midwest Conference consists of 98 churches and fellowship groups, a growing movement of God’s Covenant people that spans Western Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. Here is how we describe the missional focus of our common work:

Churches working together to transform lives and communities by starting new churches, strengthening existing churches, and developing missional leaders.

For access to our video resource “Parenting a Church” Midwest Conference Church Planting Video

The administrative office for the Midwest Conference is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Our staff includes:

Tammy Swanson-Draheim, Superintendent 
Brent Thompson, Director of Church Health
Brian Johnson, Director of Church Planting
Dan Pietrzyk, Director of Missional Leadership Development
Allan Serrano, Director of Hispanic Church Ministry
Brandi Kejr, Manager of Ministry Promotion and Support
Lori Anderson, Business Manager
Good News Announcement!
Dan Pietrzyk joins the MWC staff team
Read more about Dan’s newly created position, Director of Missional Leadership Development
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Annual Ministry Celebration
April 24-25, 2015
First Covenant Church
Salina, KS


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